Our Grapes

Marquette:  Marquette was introduced in 2006 by the University of Minnesota as a cold hardy grape variety.  A cousin to Frontenac and grandson of Pinot Noir, it originated from a cross of MN1094 (a complex hybrid of V.riperia, V.vinifera and other Vitis species) with Ravat 262.  Marquette produces a complex wine of brilliant ruby color with notes of cherry, berry, black pepper and spice.  Marquette pairs well with roast, hot dishes and spaghetti.

We use Marquette to make:

            Burning Combine a semi-sweet rose blend ( available)

            Broken Tractor a semi dry red wine ( available)

            Summer Drought a dry red wine ( available)

            Wicked Weeds Red a sweet red wine! (available)


Brianna:  Brianna is a white grape variety bred in1983 by Elmer Swenson as a table grape.  As hybrid variety that is related to Muscat, it's ability to handle our Minnesota climate has made it a perfect addition for our wine.  Brianna creates a wine with strong notes of grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruits such as pineapple.

We use Brianna to create:

            Burning Combine a semi-sweet rose blend ( available)

            Busted Wagon a semi-dry white wine ( available)

            Dastardly Goat a semi sweet white wine ( not available)

Frontenac Gris:  Introduced in 2003, this University of Minnesota cold climate grape variety is a mutation of Frontenac.  This mutation resulted in a grey or "Gris" in french berry with an amber colored fruit. Frontenac Gris wines present with aromas of peach and apricot with hints of citrus and tropical fruits. Frontenac Gris pairs well with walleye, shrimp alfredo or a tour around the lake on the pontoon.

We use Frontenac Gris to develop:

            Laughing Chipmunk a semi-sweet white wine (available)

            Schones Parfume' a sweet white/rose (available)

            Wicked Weeds White a dry white wine (available)


La Crescent:  In 2002 the University of Minnesota released this cold hardy grape.  LaCrescent is a combination of St Pepin and an Elmer Swenson selection with V.ripara Muscat hamburg. LaCrescent wines present with notes of stone fruits such as apricots and peach, with citrus leading to a superior quality white wine.

We use Lacrescent to make:

           Bumper Crop a semi sweet white wine (available)

           Dastardly Goat a semi sweet white wine (not available)


Sweet Apple:  Our Frozen Tundra made with ours and the neighbors apples and the other neighbors apples. It's like drinking apple juice...but not!  I(not available)