The "semi" wines

Some are a little dry, some are a little sweet, but they show what the grape variety can do at their peak performance!

Broken Tractor:  $18 * Semi-dry red wine that is an exceptional expression of the winemakers’ art without limits. This bright ruby wine made of Marquette grapes gives a wonderful taste of berry, cherry and cranberry flavors.

Laughing Chipmunk: $14 * Semi-sweet This is one of our signature wines. Created as a full bodied white wine you get a soft punch of citrus, pineapple, grapefruit and green apple. A bright acidity keeps the wine fresh and long on the palate. Pairs well with the lake and a nice long pontoon ride.

Bumper Crop: $14 * Semi-sweet. A complex bouquet of apricots, peaches and lychee paired with a palate profile of apricots, mango and peaches. Created with cold hardy LaCrescent Grapes this wine is sure to please.

Burning Combine: $18 * Semi-sweet Rose’. This eye catching combination of Marquette and Brianna grapes offers a unique blend of cherry, cranberry, and raspberry mixed with lemon, citrus and pineapple giving you a burst of flavor in every glass.