Welcome to Eagleview Winery

If you love the taste of great wine, you've come to the right place.  The tasting room plans have been submitted to the state so hopefully we will have that up and operating soon. We will be bottling Summer Drought, Burning Combine and a new one- Dastardly Goat in the next several weeks. Currently available are Frozen Tundra and Laughting Chipmunk



We're glad you have found your way to our website. Have a look around and discover the assorted wines from our vineyard. Above all, we look forward to welcoming you to our winery.

- Your team at Eagleview Winery

Our Grapes

We have seven varieties of grapes. Three were developed by the University of Minnesota and one by Elmer Swenson. They are all cold hardy. 


What to do with Angry Farmer wine from Eagleview Winery

Angry Farmer wine goes great with pizza, football, baseball, the pool, sitting on the beach at the lake, stew, shrimp, popcorn, bonfires, soup, steak......well you get the idea! Come out and get some!